Aldeburgh Celebrity Walk

Explore Aldeburgh in Suffolk with the Love Aldeburgh Celebrity Tour!

The undisputed capital of East Anglia’s arts scene, Aldeburgh sits at the mouth of the River Alde and is famed for its shingle beach and fishermens’ huts where fresh produce can be bought each morning. The annual Aldeburgh Festival draws classical music lovers from all over Britain, and is one of the country’s most prestigious musical events. Aldeburgh is a truly picturesque town, and is great for a day trip. Despite its small size, the town has been home to some of the region’s most celebrated citizens over the years, which is why we’ve decided to create the Aldeburgh Celebrity Walk, which will take you on a whistlestop tour of the landmarks associated with some of the famous faces who have made Aldeburgh their home.

Aldeburgh Celebrity Walking Tour Route

Our walk begins at the northern edge of the town, on the beach at the end of St Peters Road. If you look to the north, you will see the Scallop (1), a sculpture dedicated to Benjamin Britten, the Lowestoft-born composer who began the Aldeburgh Festival, and whose works are among the Festival’s annual highlights. The Scallop is a metalwork sculpture of two shells, with the vertical shell featuring the words “I hear those voices that will not be drowned,” taken from Britten’s opera Peter Grimes which is set in the town.

Walk south along the beach and you’ll see some of the town’s distinctive fishing boats (2), many of which are still independent and active. This area was beloved of the poet George Crabbe, who wrote the poem Peter Grimes which inspired Britten’s opera. Crabbe would often walk along this beach in search of inspiration, and the coastal road to your right, which runs parallel to the beach, is named after him.

If you’re lucky, you may spot former Manchester United and Ireland midfielder Roy Keane jogging on the beach. He moved to Aldeburgh after being appointed manager of Ipswich Town in 2009, and is a keen participant in community events.

Fans of 70s prog rock might be interested to know that Peter Sinfield, founding member and lyricist for King Crimson lives in one of the larger beach front houses (3), and has been known to host friends including Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters during Festival season.

When you see a large pink house (number 30 Crag Path), leave the beach and cut through King Street to High Street, where you will find the Regatta Restaurant (4), which is one of the town’s most well-known attractions and the end of our walk. During Festival time, it can be impossible to get a table here, as the restaurant is filled with performers, conductors and VIPs, who can’t get enough of its tasty fish dishes.

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