The 4th Annual Orford Food Market

On the 9th May St Bartholomew’s Church in Orford hosts the 4th annual Orford Food Market

orford food market 2015 poster A4Increasingly more people are becoming aware of where their food comes from. More restaurants proudly state that they source their ingredients from local suppliers and there is more awareness of reducing air miles and generally reducing the environmental impact of the food we buy.

The important thing to emphasise is that it is not all about being “good”- equally this is the chance to sample some excellent food, often made all the better with the care and attention that local suppliers can give it. There is something special about enjoying something that isn’t mass produced and has been made fresh.

It should also be stated that the event is not just about food- proceeds will be going to the Thomas Marshall Education Fund, a charity dedicated to improving educational facilities in Mozambique.

In short this is both great for enjoying some fantastic local produce while at the same time supporting an excellent cause.

The 4th Annual Orford Food Market takes place on the 9th May from 9.30am-2.30pm at St Bartholomew’s Church. For more information visit

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