Suffolks Smallest House Near Aldeburgh Gets New Owner

37 Year Old Paul Cook finally gets onto the property market, as he purchases the smallest house in Framlingham, near Aldeburgh

Suffolk has an interesting collection of architecture, that many people come to visit each year in the Eastern County. Yet one of the most interesting, may indeed be the smallest as Check House in Framlingham gets a new owner.

The eccentrically designed building boasts a mighty width of just 7 feet and has an entire floor space of just 308 square feet. Inside the house, the design follows it’s crazy design by having an ‘upside down’ layout. On the bottom floor there’s a bedroom and shower room, with the top floor having a combined living room and kitchen area, which would have a group of two squeezing for space.

New owner Paul Cook is bursting with pride as he tells the EADT,

“It is very, very small, but it is big enough for one person,” he said. I’ve been saving for years for a deposit, but never thought I would be able to afford anywhere in Framlingham as property prices here are so expensive.”

“My biggest worry is getting all my books inside – thankfully the ceiling is very high so I can use the height for storage.”

Other interesting pieces of architecture in Suffolk include Beccles St Michaels Church. The church boasts a large gothic tower, which is placed on what is known as the wrong side of the main building, due to it being built on the edge of the cliff.

Suffolk certainly does have some interesting buildings with Check House, a great little piece of history, literally.

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