Stuck for Holiday Lets or Accommodation in Aldeburgh?


Aldeburgh is one of Britain’s most beautiful towns, and that’s just one of the reasons why it can be so hard to find accommodation in it.

Aldeburgh holiday lets and accommodation need not always be so evasive, however. Though the town is gorgeous and extremely popular with tourists, there are often places still remaining near the end of the town’s high street or on its outskirts or ‘suburb’ areas.

One such accommodation, No. 6 Coastguard Court, is a moderately sized and well-priced ground floor flat which has been let in the town for several years, now, and has always enjoyed gleaming reviews from its tenants whether it’s been used for one of the town’s Aldeburgh holidays lets or as a piece of private, rented accommodation. Its website is deceptively modest but make no mistakes – this flat is a real hidden gem whether you’re looking for holiday or longer term accommodation!

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