Royal visit for Southwold and Aldeburgh Lifeboats

The Duke of Kent stopped off in Southwold and Aldeburgh yesterday, as part of a tour of Suffolk.

Prince Edward’s visit took him to the Lifeboat station on Ferry Road, Southwold, ┬áin which the Duke had a tour of the stations operations, while meeting the crew. The Duke also met local dignitaries, fund-raisers and supporters.

The lifeboat station also gave a demonstration launch of their lifeboat. The Leslie Tranmer craft was named in aid of the Annie Tranmer Charitable Trust. Southwold’s station has a long history, having first been introduced in 1841 by the Southwold Lifeboat Society.

It has been a critical station to the coast over the years, having saved many live including two crew men on the Yacht ‘Haura’ in 1990. A framed letter of thanks from the crew can still be seen in the station today.

After seeing what Southwold had to offer, the Duke of Kent then went on to Aldeburgh lifeboat station on Crag Path.

Here Prince Edward was met by the Mayor and Mayoress of the town along with a host of others linked to the lifeboat station including local school children and coxswain Steve Saint with his fellow crew members.

The Bulldozer took a run out onto the beach, mcuh to the delight of the Duke, who also went to see the lifeboat ‘Richard and Elizabeth Deaves’.

Aldeburgh’s station has also been adorned with many awards and medals across the years and is an integral part of Aldeburgh’s coastal history.

Such a successful showing of Suffolk’s coastal prowess was great for Aldeburgh and Southwold, with both receiving the Royal seal of approval.

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