Pumphouse in Aldeburgh Opens For 2011 Festival

The Pumphouse, a former festival building for the Aldeburgh Music Festival has been reopened for this years event.

The festival now in its 64th innings, is being held from the 10th-26th June, and sees musical acts from may genres perform to the Suffolk village.

Local group Aldeburgh Music decided to reopen the old pumphouse, as part of a £16 million renovation project. With more and more people attending the festival each year, its the perfect time to bring in more venue space, as pumphouse manager Cal Fell told the BBC,

“The original idea was to provide a space where festival artists could come and let their hair down and do something alternative and experimental that they couldn’t get away with at Snape Maltings.

“But it was also to incorporate the people of Aldeburgh and provide a drinking space and general winding-down place.
“Lots of people have got back on board the Aldeburgh Festival through coming to hear bits of contemporary classical music.”
The old pumphouse was originally donated by local Simon Steer, after he renovated the building in 1993. Originally intended for small theatre productions and exhibitions, the pumphouse has now become an integral part of the festival, and is sure to remain for many more years to come.

For more information on the Aldeburgh Music Festival 2011 check out our What’s On Page.

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