Place of interest walks along Aldeburgh


A walk along Aldeburgh can be very pleasing. And with a number of interesting landmarks to explore a well planned walk can be a great day out!

You can get a good view of the charming countryside around Aldeburgh by going on the Eastbridge Pub and Dog Walk Eastbridge Pub and Dog Walk (although it is perfectly acceptable to do this walk without a dog if you don’t have one! Please note the numbers quoted below refer to the link so it is worth checking that to make sure you don’t get lost!)

The walk starts off at the Eels Foot Inn (1) heading off down the right before you eventually the bridleway. After you have passed the wooded area (4) you should then be able to get a sea view as you keep walking. You should reach a five bar gate and then turn to the right until you reach a gate, follow the path and you should then reach the Centenary Road Observation Deck (5)

If you want to take a break turn left up the gravel path for the National Trust tearooms at the Coastguard Cottage (6). You can then walk back to get to the beach (7). You can then walk inland, following the path, eventually heading back to the Eels Pub Inn to reward yourself!

However if you would prefer you can equally choose another route to explore around Aldeburgh-one of the great landmarks is the Martello Tower and this route allows you to enjoy a great view of the sea en route to this distinct building. The walk is pretty simple- you walk along Slaughden Road which is relatively straightforward. If you get hungry halfway you can stop for fish and chips at Aldeburgh Fish and Chip Shop. Once you reach Church Walk turn left and keep walking up until you reach Martello Tower.

These are just two examples of the great walks you can go along in Aldeburgh and it is well worth looking online to plan your own route to get the most out of your trip to Aldeburgh.

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