New Play Offers Glimpse of an Alternate-Universe Suffolk

The new play, Private Resistance, by Ivan Cutting, saw its premiere at Aldeburgh this week, and left audiences stunned with its evocative portrayal of a world in which Britain lost World War II.

In the world of Cutting’s play, the Nazis took over after Britain failed to evacuate its troops from Dunkirk, beating us in the Battle of Britain and occupying the whole of the British Isles. Characters try to cope with the perils of occupation, and plot resistance.

Despite its fantastical premise, the play has uncovered some fascinating history, including plans for a guerilla-style group of saboteurs who were prepared to fight an insurgency in the event of invasion.

With ecstatic reviews piling in, the play is set to be one of the year’s biggest dramatic hits, and will also bring new attention to the wartime history of the East coast.

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