How much is parking in Aldeburgh?

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A common question people ask is “How much is parking in Aldeburgh”? In this article we endeavour to find out!

Currently car park charges on the coast depend on where you park and the kind of ticket you purchase. For example parking for 4 hours at Fort Green, Thorpe Road and King Street costs £2 while if you want to stay for longer than 4 hours Thorpe Road and Fort Green will cost £3 while King Street and Oakley Square will cost you £4 for the same amount of time.

If you are looking for a short stay King Street and Oakley Square offer 1 hour long stays for 50p or if you are just popping in to the shops for half an hour it’s only 30p.

However if you are staying for a week it is possible to get a tourist ticket for a week’s parking at Thorpe Road and Fort Green for £10- it is also possible to get season tickets for Thorpe Road as well (12 months for £200 may look like a lot of money but if you regularly go to the beach this could save you in the long term).

In short how much parking costs depends on where you park and how long you want to stay- as with anything it pays to check local information and shop around before you put your money in the meter!

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