Former BBC3 Chief Takes On Aldeburgh Music

Aldeburgh August Bank Holiday

Former BBC3 executive and artistic director of the Proms Roger Wright is set to become the new chief of Aldeburgh’s music scene.

He is not long into the job but already new artistic director Roger Wright is encouraged by what he has seen of Aldeburgh’s music scene “I have been struck by the range and quality of what goes on in Suffolk.”

What he believes is that it is not so much the quality of what Aldeburgh has to offer as it is encouraging people to learn what is available in the local area and making people more aware of it “I was struck by the lack of awareness of what is going on throughout the year- What I want to do is promote Snape as a creative campus.”

Part of this includes facilities such as the Concert Hall being used all year round and not just for annual events such as the Aldeburgh Festival or the Snape Proms. He is also keen on promoting young musicians in the local area and believes that Aldeburgh Young Musicians is a key part of developing their talent and believes that in the modern world there is more openmindedness toward music “There is a sense of energy and rediscovery in modern music as a result of this cross-fertilisation.”

As well as encouraging musicians he also believes in changing the way music is presented in order to engage people “That doesn’t mean to say everything has to be theatrical but you need to respond to audience expectations. You don’t do it because you can, you do it to serve the piece being performed.”

Roger Wright puts this development into perspective, citing the recent centenary of Benjamin Britten as an example “Everyone is now saying ‘That’s great but how do the next 10-20 years look? It’s all about being part of an important arts network across the region and what we do because of our history is to give Suffolk arts a bigger audience- an international audience.”

Already he believes that a cultural shift has been taken and the signs are encouraging of further development “After multiple years of investment we have had an amazing, heart-warming production of Noye’s Fludde created in the community and I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it because it was a special event.”

By the looks of it Roger Wright truly has a passion for both his work and the local region and hopefully the music scene in Aldeburgh will benefit from his experience, drive and desire for years to come.

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