Fire at Aldeburgh Market Cafe

One of Aldeburgh’s best-loved eateries was under threat from fire yesterday, with 40 firefighters bravely battling the blaze. Thanks to their hard work, the building was saved, though part of the roof at the rear of the cafe has collapsed.

Following reports of smoke rising from the cafe at around 10:30am, two fire crews were dispatched to the scene, but the fierce blaze meant that six more crews were called out. Four members of staff and eleven customers were inside the cafe at the time, and were swiftly evacuated.

Owner Sara Fox told the Eastern Daily Press: ‘I was in the office when one of the kitchen staff called out saying they could hear crackling noises but there was no sign of fire. Then we discovered the room above was full of smoke. I evacuated the building and called the fire service, who got here about five minutes later.’

The building has not yet been declared safe to enter, and the cause of the fire is so far unknown, although investigations have begun. The cafe has suffered extensive smoke damage, but thanks to the efforts of Suffolk’s fire crews, it is thought that the building will survive.

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