Enjoy the scenic public parks in Aldeburgh


While people tend to visit coastal areas like Aldeburgh for the beach there are also great public parks to wander around and explore in Aldeburgh

Aside from the beach there are a couple of excellent public parks to walk around and explore. For example it is only 10 miles away from Sutton Hoo, the burial site of a royal Anglo-Saxon ship burial. Aside from the area of historical interests it also comes with woodland area trails and a guide to the burial area.

Another area of interest in Aldeburgh is the Martello Tower. This was designed as part of the coastal defence in the area but now provides an area that can give you an amazing view of the coast as well as a very real example of local history.

Aldeburgh also has a number of meadows, rivers and marshland for people to explore around the area. In short while the beach is a great attraction to come to Aldeburgh there are some great places that are worth exploring beyond the coast!

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