New Year, New You! Enjoy Jogging and Keeping Fit in Aldeburgh


Jogging can be very beneficial- it helps build strength in your bones, improves your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and help you lose weight. However there are few things to consider to help ensure you get the best long term benefits

At this time of the year most people are looking at ways of keeping fit. The good thing about jogging is that it doesn’t really require any specialist equipment and once you have the right shoes all you need to do is find somewhere to jog and get started.

However a big mistake people make is to try too much, too soon. It is better to build up gradually, doing a little bit more each time so you can keep going while at the same time pushing a little bit harder each time. You should also remember to do some stretching before you start jogging in order to maintain flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

You should aim for an hour of activity four times a week- how intense this is will depend on your confidence and level of fitness. During this time you can start with a period of walking and then build up to jogging. As you become more confident you reduce the amount of time walking and increasing the amount of jogging.

When you jog stand straight up with the weight over your hips. Remember to relax your arms and shoulders and breathe through your nose and mouth. Remember to avoid jogging on your toes as this increases the risk of injury.

It is important to emphasise that jogging is about gradually building up levels of fitness- you are unlikely to instantly see results but over time you will feel the benefits!

Places to go jogging in Aldeburgh

There are a number of places you can go jogging in Aldeburgh (there is an example of a jogging route here). As with any beach activity the best time to go jogging is to go reasonably early to avoid crowds (this also makes it easier for you to go at your own pace).

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