Centenary Celebrations For Suffolk’s Most Famous Daughter

Famed for her achievements in education, medicine, and women’s rights, Elizabeth garrett Anderson was known in her lifetime as ‘a remarkable woman of national renown.’

Born in 1836 to Newson garrett, the influential Aldeburgh businessman who developed the Snape Maltings site, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the first woman in Britain to qualify as a doctor. Despite drawing heavy criticism from her male colleagues, Elizabeth soldiered on and proved herself every bit their equal.

Garrett Anderson’s pioneering nature found expression once again after her retirement, when she became the first British woman to be elected mayor.

Now the towns of Aldeburgh and Leiston, where Garret Anderson both lived, worked, and spent her leisure time, are gearing up for a series of centenary events. With the support of local businesses, parish councils and historical organisations, the festivities will all lead up to the commemorative weekend of October 6-8 2017.

This weekend will feature all sorts of activities, including lectures from visiting historians, plus a talk by actress Diana Quick, a variety of musical performances and a reunion of Ms Garrett Anderson’s surviving family.

In the meantime, there is a full summer schedule of events:

  • June 9 onwards: A Woman of Purpose exhibitions at The Long Shop Museum, Leiston, and Aldeburgh Moot Hall Museum
  • June 10: The Life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson at The Long Shop Museum, a talk by Diana Quick
  • July 21-August 18: Family Trail celebrating the New Hospital for Women at The Long Shop Museum
  • August 16: Workshop Wednesday: Marvellous Medicine!, a drop-in for families to get hands-on history and science with experiments and activities
  • September 30-October 1: A Woman of Purpose at the Long Shop Museum, a promenade play
  • October 5: Make More Noise at Aldeburgh Cinema Studio, a BFI compilation of films about Suffragettes
  • October 6-8: Commemoration Weekend
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