A Rich Maritime History in Aldeburgh

Fancy A Little History of Aldeburgh Lesson?

A Rich Maritime History in ALdeburgh in SuffolkDid you know that Alde Burgh means “old fort”. This old fort structure, along with much of the Tudor town, has been lost to the ocean. Back in the 16th century, Aldeburgh was a prominent port town, and had a highly flourishing ship-building heart.

Celebrity Ships Built in Aldeburgh in Suffolk

A number of historically important ships were built in Aldeburgh including 2 built for Sir Francis Drake; the Greyhound and Pelican (which was later renamed the Golden Hind). Perhaps even more famously the flagship of the Virginia Company, the Sea Venture is also thought to have been built in Aldeburgh in 1608. However, over time the River Alde silted up and was therefore unable to accommodate the now more frequently built larger ships, so the area & its ship building went into decline. Aldeburgh then existed principally as a fishing village until the nineteenth century, where upon Aldeburgh became popular as a seaside resort, like it is today. Much of Aldeburgh’s distinctive and charming architecture derives from this period. The river Alde is still in use and is now home to a yacht club and a sailing club and enjoyed by nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

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